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NSW’s Digital Drivers License Starts In Sydney Liverpool

NSW’s Digital Drivers License Starts In Sydney Liverpool

Digital driver’s licences to become available in NSW via a security-smart Program

NSW will become the first state to provide the option of holding a digital driver’s licence.

The electronic NSW licences will be provided through the Service NSW app and available for both Android and iOS devices. Based on NSW Police, the new digital license alternative will be available to all types of NSW drivers including students, provisional and heavy vehicle drivers.

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The rollout of the electronic driver’s license in NSW comes off the back of a successful trial of electronic Proof of Age cards, boat licences, land agent and property sale agent registrations and vehicle registrations.

The electronic permit matches the nation’s conventional license system and users of this program have been supported by the NSW government to keep a physical permit.

The NSW government has introduced legislation that will make digital driver’s licences and digital photo cards accessible to citizens throughout the state at the end of 2019.

The legislation allows for the digitisation of driver licences and photograph cards in NSW”on an opt-in basis”.

“Once launched, the people of NSW will have the ability to opt-in to be given a digital driver’s license and electronic photo card,” he said.

“These will basically constitute an electronic representation of an individual’s physical driver’s license or picture card”

The bill was informed by comments from a trial of electronic driver’s licences in Dubbo within the last four months, where 1400 residents took part.

Dominello explained the four-month trial had”generated quite significant levels of satisfaction… with a net promoter score of 83-plus”.

Under the new laws, taxpayers will be responsible for ensuring that they are able to produce either a physical or digital version of their driver license when asked to do so by police or other law enforcement officers.

The electronic licences will be accessible through the MyServiceNSW program in precisely the exact same manner that recreational fishing licences, responsible service of alcohol (RSA) competency cards, and responsible gambling competency cards are.

“When the driver’s electronic device has a flat battery, a busted screen or is in such a state that the individual checking the electronic driver licence can’t read, copy or scan the electronic driver permit, the driver won’t have fulfilled the requirement to make their driver licence,” Dominello stated.

However the design of the electronic licence, which can be”encrypted and stored safely on a individual’s apparatus”, means that community blackspots are not an issue.

The bill also addresses privacy issues by simply requiring a driver to display their digital licence to authorities.

“Under the proposed amendments in the bill, a driver won’t be required to supply their device into an officer to exhibit their licence.

“However, a driver may have to help with the reading, copying or scanning of the electronic driver licence.

“This may include changing the brightness on the display, angling the apparatus so that it might be scanned, tapping or scrolling on the digital driver permit to reveal the complete details, or refreshing the electronic driver licence.”

Police will be able verify an electronic license using traditional means – such as many visual safety attributes or from radioing back to a channel to learn more.

Officers may also use a MobiPol apparatus, which”scans an electronic driver’s permit to initiate a search from backend police systems”.

The new digital licences are also expected to hand taxpayers”more transparency and control over how the personal information of the license is revealed and shared with other people”.

“The truth is that an electronic driver permit or electronic photo card brings plenty of additional benefits and protections of consumers,” he said.

Dominello pointed to the”major annoyance” of having to replace a physical permit after dropping it, which a digital driver’s license would prevent.

“Say you lose your phone which has your electronic driver’s license on it… as soon as you know that your phone has been stolen or lost you can log into Service NSW and cancel your electronic driver’s licence on such device,” he said.

“You may even know if it’s used by somebody who’s not you as you’ll have access to an activity log, just like you have with your Opal card.

“This tangible fraud and security benefit includes the electronic driver’s license and only isn’t accessible with the card.”