Liverpool School leavers Urged To Be Careful Behind The Wheel

Liverpool School leavers Urged To Be Careful Behind The Wheel

With end of school year 2018 celebrations in full swing young Liverpool motorists are being warned to be careful on the road. Analysis of insurance claims has found drivers under 25 have more hay crashes along with the injuries are more serious, causing more harm. Passengers aged from 18 to 24 are also more likely to be distracted by mobile devices while driving.

NRMA research director Robert McDonald stated the time immediately following school leaving is a high hazard interval. “That coupled with end of year parties particularly around Liverpool schools weeks brings some additional risks to them,” he said. “They are in a far more relaxed environment than they’ve been before. “They are probably for the first time carrying plenty of other teens around with them in the vehicle.

“Plenty of possible distractions all lead up to the data that show they are five times more likely to have an accident compared to other age groups.” Drivers under the age of 25 are also more likely to participate in serious hay road mishaps.

Under 25’s are over-represented in severe accident data, so the state government is promoting a P-Plate driver education program. Mr McDonald said a crucial message is for young drivers to minimise distractions. “We all know with music, with cellular phones they are a lot more likely to be speaking on a telephone hand held and texting than other age groups,” he said.

“The inclusion of having their buddies in the car it is only a further diversion they do not need when they are in this inexperienced period when they are first kind of finding their way.”

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