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Changes to How Student drivers get their licence in NSW

Changes to How Student drivers get their licence in NSW

Changes to How Student drivers get their licence in NSW

CHANGES will be put in place in November to make sure new drivers are safe drivers on our streets.

The changes that come into effect on November 20, 2017 are made to improve the way in which the scheme prepares beginner drivers – specifically young drivers – to be safe on the street.

“We know that the first six months of driving solo is the highest risk period for beginner drivers so it is important we continue to examine ways to boost licensing of young drivers to make sure they get the experience and training that they will need to be safe on our streets,” Mrs Pavey said. “Young drivers are still over-represented in road crashes. P-platers constitute 8 percent of driver licence holders, nevertheless their crashes account for 15 percent of deaths on NSW roads. “Last year was a horror year for road crashes, with 100 deaths and 1684 serious accidents between a 17-25 year old driver on NSW roads. It is vital we continue to adapt and improve our strategy to decrease this tragic loss of life and serious injuries involving our young drivers.”

The Graduated Licensing Scheme was highly successful since it was first introduced on July 1 2000. The strategy takes drivers from their student licence to complete licence with limitations and conditions which are made to make sure they build their knowledge and skills in order that they know risks and are safer on the streets. Since its introduction, there was a 50 percent decrease in the amount of young drivers killed on NSW roads.

The changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme imply:

  • Learner drivers will have to finish the Hazard Perception Test before they can take the driving test;
  • P1 drivers will no longer need to finish the Hazard Perception Test to Receive their P2 license; and
  • The Driver Qualification Test was eliminated for P2 Drivers and in its place P2 drivers might need to keep on their license for an additional 6 months if they get a suspension for dangerous driving behaviour.

These changes come into effect from November 20, 2017.

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