What Is The Ideal Age For Learning How To Drive In Australia?

If you are interested in learning how to drive in Australia, one of the questions you might ask is: when should you start the process? Australian law stipulates that in order for one to be granted the full driving license, they usually need to meet a number of criteria one of the most important of which is being 17 years of age. However, this does not mean that you should wait for your eighteenth birthday to start taking driving lessons. In fact, doing it from as early an age as possible is usually recommended by most parties, since it gives you enough time to practise and become better at it.

The legal regulations regarding age


To further clarify the issue of age, one needs to understand the process of becoming a legal driver in the country. The first step in doing this is getting the learner’s permit. This is usually given to individuals who are 16 or older, and usually after they pass a theory examination. This means that if you are younger than this, you could prepare for the exam and then take it before you turn sixteen. This way, you will only wait for your sixteenth birthday to get the license, making it easier for you to go through with the lessons faster. In order to pass the theory examinations, you can go through one of the many handbooks that have all the information you need.

Once you pass the theory examination, you will only be allowed to drive while under the supervision of a licensed driver. For you to be eligible to sit the practical test, you will need to be at least 17, and also have logged at least 120 hours of practical driving. State laws also require that you have held the L license for at least a year before applying for the practical examination.

The benefits of starting the process early

Due to the way the driving instruction process is structured, individuals tend to have some liberty regarding when they start their driving examination. There are some benefits that are associated with starting the process as early as you can and these include:

• You can get your license earlier: When you start the process of learning how to drive early, you will also likely complete it earlier than most people. At the age of around 17 or 18, this is a good thing since there is likely to be a lot going on in an individual’s life. For instance, you might be planning on going to college, in which case having to go through a set of driving lessons and exams might just be extra baggage.

• You amass more experience: Another potential benefit of starting such lessons early is that it gives you more room to perfect your driving skills. For instance, you could opt to log more than the 120 hours that are stipulated by the laws in the region. In doing so, you will be more confident as a driver by the time you go for the test. More importantly, you will develop better driving instincts and an appreciation of various aspects of driving. This will ultimately make you a safer driver by the time you are left to drive on your own. This will not only be safer for you, but also for other motorists as well.

A few caveats to keep in mind

There are a few things that should be insisted on for a young person just learning how to drive. One of the most important of these is making sure that the instructions you get are of high quality. It’s important to note that learning something can be easy, but once you get used to it it’s usually very difficult to drop the habit and adopt a new one. For instance, if you pick up the wrong habits when you are learning how to drive, you will find that they reduce the quality of your driving in future, and will also be very tough to drop as you grow older.

The best way to avoid this is by getting the very best instructors from the driving schools in Liverpool at this point in time. This is why most experts will always insist that you pick a driving instructor with a good reputation, and who has a lot of experience in the field. This way, you can be sure that they will be very careful in making you learn the right thing. In addition to that, it’s also important to ensure that the car used for learning is well maintained.

If you are thinking of taking up driving lessons but you are less than sixteen years old, therefore, this should not deter you from doing it. In fact, starting the process when you are in your early teens could be an advantage, since it makes you complete the process at a younger age.

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