Exploring The Best Cars To Drive For Beginning Drivers

Certainly, times are hard even for new drivers fresh out of driving school and in the market for new cars. Most car experts recommend that all first time drivers keep things simple when it comes to buying a car. It only makes sense to do so since, purchasing a vehicle is only the beginning.

There are numerous other factors you have to consider such as the fuel cost, maintenance cost and how far it will set you back in case you cause an accident and the car is written off. Hence, here are some of your top options if you are a fast time driver:

• Ford Focus


If you are fresh off driving school and want to beginning enjoying driving an exciting car, then you should go for one of the Ford focus models. These cars have a hatchback, and are quite affordable especially if you go for the older models. You will be surprised how good of a car you will get if you start looking for models that are ten years old. For instance, if you are able to find the original MK1 Ford focus, which revolutionized the hatchback market, you will indeed have found a great car.

• KIA Cee’d car

Several years ago, KIA was voted the most beautiful vehicle brand on the globe. Who would not want to drive the most beautiful car in the world-even new drivers? Well KIA has found a way to give new drivers such an experience without dipping too much into their pockets. The KIA Cee’d models are beautiful to look at and amazing to drive. The company offers a cool 7-year warranty with this car. This means, you will have bought your second car before your warranty even runs out.

• Peugeot 206

For any first timer car buyer, the French-built Peugeot 206 is a fine car. There are numerous versions for this car from the cheaper models like Fever to the most expensive such as spottier GTi versions. Anyone who is buying a first car can find one that he or she likes. Peugeot is known for its diesel technology so fuel cost will be much lower.

• The Ford KA car

For a few decades now, the Ford KA models have been the father of all super-mini vehicles. If you are working with a tight budget but need a car that will get you from one point to another with little hustle, then this is your ideal car whether you live in America or Europe. You will get to enjoy low fuel, insurance and tax cost. In addition, the small size of the car makes it easy to drive and maneuver in traffic especially if you are a new driver.

• VW Polo

If you have a little more cash to spend on your first car, then you should definitely go for the VW Polo. German-built cars are famous the world over for their strong and durable vehicles. The Polo gives you a chance to enjoy driving a car with a sport look without the expense. The car is well put together, easy to control and highly reliable.

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